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NAME; kaitlyn
AGE; 17
LOCATION; shelton, connecticut
SINGLE/TAKEN/PICTURE; single, but im actually happy about it.

10 FAVORITE BANDS; fall out boy, taking back sunday, the used, green day, garbage, afi, red hot chili peppers, something corporate, boys night out, all american rejects
3 LEAST FAVORITE BANDS; the white stripes, the hives (i know soo many people love them both, but i just dont understand why. and if you like them and i offend you by this, sorry.), hanson
FAVORITE SONG; chicago is so two years ago by fall out boy
RECOMMEND A BAND; the academy is...

3 FAVORITE TV SHOWS; buffy the vampire slayer, lost, NCIS
5 FAVORITE MOVIES; resident evil, dawn of the dead, batman returns, dummy, 12 monkeys
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE MODS?; i dont know them, but they seem like we have alot in common so theyre rad.
WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU?; i just filled out this entire app and my stupid sister closed the internet on me because shes a bitch like that and i lost the entire thing and now im retyping it over completely. actually, you should accept me because you like me (if you do), not because i did this twice.

PROMOTE 4 PLACES AND SHOW US (or auto-reject);

THE MEANING OF “EMO”; Emo is derived from the word emotion. Emo is all about emotions, feelings. An emo person is in touch with there feelings and not afraid to show them or maybe they are and listening to a certain song or writing a poem helps channel there emotions. It's not about being fake. It's about being in touch with your emotions, being real, and not being afraid of having a good cry.

ABORTION; I’m pro choice. It’s up to you and it depends on the situation. For example, say you’re a victim or rape and you become pregnant I understand if you choose not to go through with the pregnancy. It’s your life, it’s your decision.

GEORGE BUSH; George Bush is ruining our country. Ever since he came in power our country has slowly gone down hill and it still is. he hasnt really helped the economy, which you may notice is going downhill no matter what he says. watch the news. you'll see. he tried to help education with No Child Left Behind, and that doesnt seem to be wroking to well. Just come visit my school. there are some people there that went to the special needs school across town until this year. im not saying this to be mean (ive met alot of them, theyre really sweet, mostly) but they should not have been mainstreamed. their needs go beyond that a special form of educational education. im not a fan, if you couldn't already tell. sorry, thats really long.

im sorry if the pics are bad, but i dont have my own camera, so i only have pics theyve sent me in the past that ive saved.

Image hosted by Photobucket.commy hair isnt that long anymore. but oh well.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com im on the right.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com on the left.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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